Advancing eHealth for healthy africans

The African Centre for eHealth Excellence

To realise a vision of healthier Africans, health systems must be strengthened. eHealth is a key enabler in achieving this goal, though to be successful, eHealth needs to deliver more benefits for people. Unlocking this potential and developing it with African countries is Acfee’s main goal.

The African Centre for eHealth Excellence (Acfee) has embarked on a journey to develop eHealth’s capacity and leadership for African countries to support improved health outcomes for their people. Our entry point for achieving this is direct strengthening of countries’ eHealth strategies and implementation plans, supported by the capacity and leadership development needed for sustainability and success.

The African Centre for eHealth Excellence (Acfee) is an international network of eHealth professionals established in 2012 to develop leadership and capacity to advance eHealth in African countries. It’s a non-profit company registered in South Africa. Its board is made up of African public health and eHealth professionals.

Acfee believes in eHealth’s potential to contribute to health systems strengthening and transformation for better health for African people.