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  • Cyber-security

    Cyber-crime is on the increase, and Africa’s health sector is not immune to the growing and changing threats. This group explores cyber-security findings affecting eHealth and shares cyber-security strategies and plans.

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  • eHealth Leadership

    Leadership is essential to achieve change, and eHealth is all about complex change, and change that takes time.

    This group explores a wide range of aspects of teams, and activities that leaders have to motivate, integrate, nurture and develop, and sometimes have to abandon. 

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  • Health Information Systems for Surveillance

    Group Objective: To create a community focussed on strengthening information systems for improved epidemiologic intelligence for public health action.

    How will the objective be achieved?

    The Community will explore, and contribute to 3 main themes related to strengthening surveillance systems, including:

    ·         Strategies for co-ordination and governance to ensure that investments in strengthening surveillance systems are efficient;

    ·         Deepening understanding of epidemiological methods and analysis of data;

    ·         Expanding the range of information systems and tools for use in surveillance systems.  

    Each theme will be detailed as an initiative on this website. In addition, a number of additional initiatives will be developed related to:

    ·         Event-based surveillance

    ·         Indicator based surveillance systems

    ·         Community based surveillance systems

    ·         Disease and program specific information systems needs, such as for VHF, Cholera, Measles and Rubella, Malaria, etc;

    ·         Civil Registration and Vital Statistics Systems

    ·         Capacity building initiatives.

    ·         DHIS2 for Surveillance initiative


    Site manager:

    Should you wish to add material to this group, or have comments on this site, please contact Vincent Shaw. 

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