Lesley Dobson

eHNA Profile

Lesley is the International Relations Advisor of the African Centre for eHealth Excellence (Acfee). In her this role she is responsible for coordinating and managing relations with all international stakeholders.

She was initially part of tinTree International eHealth and Greenfield Management Solutions, with whom she was actively involved in the European Space Agency Study on Regulatory Aspects where she guided and supported all processes required to establish contact with the appropriate stakeholders.

Lesley has working relations with a wide range of countries, as well as individuals in the, WHO, NEPAD Agency, the African Development Bank and the Regional Economic Communities in Africa. She was also project manager for the Botswana eHealth Strategy Project completed by tinTree in 2013.

She is an editor at eHealth news Africa, Acfee's daily digest for diseminating information and insights into issues and evetns affecting eHealth in Africa.