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Onesmus Mwaura Kamau

eHealth Person at eHealth News Africa

Onesmus Kamau has been working with the Ministry of Health in Kenya for the last 18 years in various positions. He previously worked at the Division of Health Information Systems where he was instrumental in setting up the initial automated systems to support Health Information Systems in the Health Sector. He has rich knowledge in health information systems, systems development Information Technology and public health epidemiology, Public Health Informatics.

Mr. Kamau is a member of the Advisory Board of Acfee.


Mr. Kamau is an Alumni of Jomo Kenyatta University in Kenya where he obtained Honors Degree in Information Technology. He also holds Master’s degree in Public Health specializing in Epidemiology and Disease Control from Kenya Methodist University. He also specialty includes Health IT, Systems Development, Systems and Data Security, Policy development, cyber crime, mHealth applications development, strategy development, enterprise architecture development, Standards formulation and systems adoption and Implementation.

Professional Experience:

Mr. Kamau started his successful informatics career in the public service about 20 years ago in Kenya. He has worked as a health informatics expert at various levels before assuming his current role in the national government as the Head of e-Health Development & Systems Strengthening Unit. His mandate includes coordination of e-Health Development in the health sector, stakeholder’s coordination and acting as team lead in Health innovations and system strengthening to support service delivery.


Mr. Kamau set up the e-Health development Unit at the Ministry of Health, established the National Systems Service Desk to support health information systems, developed the first Kenya e-Health Systems Interoperability standards and Guidelines,  developed the EMR standards and Guidelines for Kenya, developed the only OpenMRS Electronic Health Records System being piloted in two regions in Kenya, and is currently developing MOVEIT Platform to support Births and Deaths data collection at community level using community health workers. He achieved best country presentation during regional digital health meeting on reproductive and maternal child health held at Malawi in May 2015.

Publications so far:

  1. Demystifying adoption of electronic health records system in the health facilities in Kenya
  2. Relationship between Electronic Medical Record Technology Use and CD4   turnaround time among HIV positive patients in Kiambu County.

Research Interests:

Health informatics, Electronic Health Records, Mobile Health, Electronic Medical Records/Electronic Health Records, Data Mining, and Data Security in health information systems.