Ousmane Ly

eHNA Profile

eHealth in Mali is moving ahead quickly. Helping to drive this is Dr Ousmane Ly, the General Director of National Agency of TeleHealth and Medical Informatics at Mali’s Ministry of Health. A unique, disarming style and inexhaustible passion for eHealth are two qualities that make him an effective eHealth leader.

Ousmane is both a clinician and an informatics expert. His medical degree and diploma in Medical Informatics is from the University Pierre Marie Curie in Paris. He is reading for a PhD at Brussels’ Vrije Universiteit.

Since 2002, he has led a number of important eHealth projects in the region. These include his diverse roles as head of African telemedicine projects for the Division of Medical Informatics of the University Hospitals of Geneva, executive coordinator of telemedicine projects in Mali, and appointment by West African Health Organization, WAHO in 2010 as principal consultant to develop a regional eHealth Strategic Plan for the Economic Community Of West African States ECOWAS member states. He was an independent advisor on the European Space Agency’s (ESA) eHealth for Sub-Saharan Africa (eHSA) eHealth Regulation Study that reported in May 2013, and summarised in eHealth News Africa.

Ousmane has a special interest in capacity building. He is executive secretary of the Research and Education Network of Mali (MaliREN) and leads the Capacity Building Committee in the West and Central African Research and Education Network (WACREN). He became an associate of tinTree International eHealth, a non-profit leadership and development network supporting key projects in the region and subsequently a member of the executive board of the African Centre for eHealth Excellence (Acfee).

As African eHealth opportunities continue to expand, Ousmane is certain to play an important role, particularly in the regions Francophone countries.