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  • Margaret Modise

    Professional Nurse

    Ms Margaret Modise is a professional nurse with a diploma in general nursing, community health, psychiatry and midwifery. She also holds a Bachelor’s degree in Nursing Administration and Education. She worked in a primary health care setting for quiet an extensive period providing primary health care services on a mobile unit servicing the hard to reach areas of Region A in the City of Johannesburg. After the rationalisation of services she moved to a facility level as Operational Manager providing comprehensive package of services for the community of Midrand and also mentoring of nursing students placed in the community health setting. She was then seconded to a training and quality assurance position to assist the region in preparing the facilities for National Core standards in preparation for the implementation of NHI. She again assisted with the coordination of training for the Regions personnel by liaising with the central training centre, evaluation of training done within the Region quarterly for all categories of staff, compiling and submission of training plans, and reporting quarterly to central health for compiling the work skills plan for the department. Responsible for updating the Regional Skills Audit. She is currently the project manager for the HPV project.

  • Marlon Burgess
  • Mary Murugami

    Transforming access to healthcare through digital innovations

  • Mats Larson

    Mr Larson has been active in healthcare since 1973. He started as a RN in Intensive care but has since then held managerial positions on different levels of regional- and national healthcare in Sweden.

    He has studied Healthcare- and Business-administration at the University of Stockholm and at the Gothenburg Business School. He holds a Master degree in Health Information Management from the Erasmus University in Rotterdam. Mr Larson has also participated in national and international management programmes, among them the Top Manager Programme (TMP) at the King·s Fund in the UK in 1997. He has published articles and studies on methods of reimbursement in healthcare, medication management as well as books on basic use of Personal Computers.

    For ten years, until 2000, he served as CEO of the acute care Hospitals in Sandviken and Gvle in Sweden. During that period he was also responsible for the successful merger-process between the two hospitals, involving a staff of 3000 and an annual turnover of 300 million. In 2000 he was appointed CEO of Carelink a new Swedish organisation with a mission to promote collaboration and facilitate the use of IT in healthcare. In 2003 the European Commission awarded Carelink the first eEurope Award for its accomplishments on National Health networks. In November of 2004 he joined Oracle as Senior Business Development Director for healthcare in the Nordics. This position he held until December 2008.

    Mr Larson served as president of EHTEL the European Health Telematics Association, during 2004-07. In addition he held the position as honorary treasurer of EHMA - the European Health Management Association during 2003-2006. He currently is the acting Chairman of the Board of the Swedish Medicinal Products Agency (Lkemedelsverket) and sits on the board of the state-owned Service-company owner of the IT-infrastructure for pharmacies. He is chairman of the European American Business-Council eHealth-committee and engaged in several ongoing, EU-funded, R&D project-activities.

  • Matt Jones

    Matt's a blog writer and translator for eHNA.  He’s an MA in Literature and PhD candidate, as well as an experienced educator, working in educational leadership in South America. His interests extend to national and international perspectives in politics, social policy and equality, of which health and healthcare are crucial components. The social and personal impact of exile and migration and their effect on mental health are other interestes, as are environmental policies and strategies and their implications for healthcare. Running in the Andes helps from a personal perspective.

  • Meg McLaughlin
  • Mhlengi
  • Mia Hugo

    Dr Mia Hugo is a practicing medical doctor with a passion for Healthcare Systems improvement. She is a social entrepreneur who has used her research on Electronic Health Systems in South Africa to develop a product that can potentially improve healthcare delivery.

    Mia is the founder and lead designer of Healthspace.

  • Michael Broomhead

    Learning has taken on a more visible role in solving key business issues. New forms of content are coming to market that engage learners with rich media and interactive challenges. Technology advances have made it possible for learning to be tailored to the needs of employees and delivered directly to their work environments.

    I look forward to exploring this ever-evolving learning landscape with you, and continuing to build on a mission of connected learning.

  • Miguel Peixoto

    Mr Peixoto is the focal person for eHealth in Africa. His specialties include the following main scientific areas: eHealth, Health Information Systems (HIS), Health Data & Statistics, Geographic Information Systems (GIS), Social Networks, Virtual Communities, CoPs.

    Other scientific areas of interest include Marketing, eLearning research, Customer Satisfaction, Spatial Data Quality.