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  • Rebecca Akatue
  • Richard Gakuba

    Dr. Richard Gakuba is a strong eHealth and mHealth advocate with experience in national implementations. Formerly, he was the national eHealth coordinator in Rwanda’s Ministry of Health. He has a medical degree from the National University of Rwanda and a master’s degree in e-Health from Brunel University in the United Kingdom. He is pursuing a PhD at the National University of Rwanda that focuses on the impact of eHealth on health system strengthening. He has been spearheading the development of eHealth in Rwanda for years. He led the process of developing and implementing a five-year National eHealth strategy for the Ministry of Health. The eHealth strategy involves deployment of various technologies in the health sector ranging from enterprise resource systems for various health organizations to mHealth applications for community health workers in the most remote parts of Rwanda.

    Dr. Gakuba was awarded the mHealth Innovation Award by the mHealth Alliance in 2013.

  • Robin Dyers

    Public Health Specialist for the Chief Directorate: Health Programmes. Special interests in health information systems, business analysis, morbidity surveillance and health-related concept encoding.

  • Rogier Koning

    a platform to connect patients, specialists and research

    I'm a Dutch Cluster headache patient living in Spain that took the effort to see what I could do to help find solutions and get a better healthcare system.

    It started out with trying to build a better headache diary to keep track of attacks. Now we are starting to develop a platform to connect patients, specialists and research using real time data collected by patients.

  • Sarvesh Makthal
  • Sean Broomhead

    Chief Technology Officer

    Séan Broomhead is a clinician and health informatics specialist based in South Africa. He has worked internationally in the fields of medical informatics, public health and healthcare software development. He is a member of South Africa's Ministerial Advisory Committee (MAC) on eHealth and has served on WHO's global technical advisory group on eHealth (eTAG) where he was one of three African advisors, and co-chair of the eTAG's eHealth Strategy working group. He serves as an eHealth advisor to WHO-AFRO.

    Séan is Chief Technology Officer at HISP-SA and Chairperson of the Africa Centre for eHealth Excellence (Acfee).

    Séan's expertise covers a variety of eHealth aspects, particularly strategy, economics and impact, regulation, leadership and mobility. Sean's mHealth exposure includes participation in a collaboration with John's Hopkins School of Public Health to develop an mHealth economic evaluation guide for mHELP.

    A recent project lead role includes a Study on Regulatory Aspects of eHealth for the European Space Agency, in which he led a large international consortium to conduct a year long review of the regulatory environments of 48 countries in Africa and five best-practice countries elsewhere.

    Séan has worked as public health senior manager for Communicable Disease in South Africa's Northern Cape Province, director of healthcare product strategy for Oracle Corporation in Europe, Middle East and Africa and as an eHealth consultant and social entrepreneur across a number of countries in Africa.

    Séan's interest in informatics was recognised in 2002 when he moved to South Africa's Northern Cape Province to establish a Department of Informatics at Kimberley Hospital Complex. Within months he was promoted to head up health information management for the province and by 2004 was Director of Communicable Disease. He led the design and implementation of the Northern Cape's integrated response to HIV & AIDS and drove efforts to reorganise disease monitoring & surveillance systems.

    While in provincial senior management Dr Broomhead played a prominent role in coordinating strategic planning for the department. He implemented performance reviews and health system audits to guide policy development and strengthen management.

    In 2005 Séan joined Oracle Corporation as director of healthcare product strategy for Europe, Middle East and Africa. In addition to his global role in product strategy he managed multiple projects in healthcare organizations across Europe. Séan returned to South Africa in 2007 and became active in public healthcare projects focusing on knowledge management, organisational development, clinical governance and skills development. Leveraging his diverse international experience he proceeded to launch a private health management consultancy and later non-profit tinTree International ehealth, where he now leads a global team of highly skilled eHealth and public health professionals. Séan is currently leading tinTree in a partnership with the University of Cape Town to establish a Centre for eHealth Excellence for Africa.

    Séan is motivated by the prospect of advancing sustainable health and healthcare through eHealth. He is cofounder and board member of the South African Telemedicine Association (SATMA), tinTree International eHealth Leadership and Development Network and eHealth News Africa.

    Séan is a medical graduate of the University of Cape Town and is affiliated with the University of KwaZulu-Natal for his PhD work, which focuses on building appropriate eHealth Impact assessment methodologies for use in Africa.

  • Sedick Isaacs

    It is with deep regret that we learned that Prof Sedick Isaacs passed away on October 18th, 2012, at the age of 72 after a short illness. He was a passionate teacher and explorer of health informatics, well loved for his dry humour and poignant anecdotes.

    He was a founder member of the South African Medical Informatics Group, later the South African Health Informatics Association (SAHIA). He was SAHIA President, and President of the International Medical Informatics Association (IMIA) Health Informatics in Africa (HELINA) region.

    He was an anti-apartheid activist, member of the African National Congress, and imprisoned on Robben Island for 13 years. His ingenuity resulted in notoriety with officials when he was found in possession of a key that he’d fashioned to fit all the locks in the prison.

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  • Seponono John Molifi
  • Shinaaz Bhana

    Shinaaz Bhana is a training coordinator at HISP-SA. She is an experienced learning development and quality assuarnce manager. Her experience includes coordinating learning programme development and accreditation, managing large learnig programmes, and cooridnating learning quality assurance processes.

    Shinaaz has served as General Manager of South African consultancy Greenfield Management Solutions and Training Advisor to Acfee. Under her watch, Shinaaz has guided the training of over 2,000 individuals in a range of different subjects.