Peter Drury

eHNA Profile

Peter Drury is a specialist in health information and development. He has in-depth experience of health information systems at all levels of the UK National Health Service, as well as senior experience in the private sector, and worked on development with ICT in many countries.

Having as a child and young adult lived and worked in Ghana, and with qualifications to PhD level in social sciences, he began to apply his interests in information management and planning at hospital level in the NHS in the 1980s. As a District Information Manager he provided input to the first National Health Information Strategy, and then began work in the 1990s, on a consultancy basis, for the Department of Health in England. He was the project manager for several key programmes, including the NHS Information for Health strategy of 1997. He became a senior civil servant and established the NHS Information Policy Unit (46 staff) for the Department of Health, which commissioned work from the NHS Information Authority (750 staff and a budget of £126m). He was a key member of the team that developed the policy for the 2003 National Programme for NHS IT.

With this experience of NHS health information systems, Peter returned to Africa and, between 2004-6 worked on projects to improve health knowledge at the point of care both in hospitals and health centres around Kijabe, Kenya. This involved reviewing the potential for local Wi-Fi, WiMAX and satellite-supported health care. In 2006 he joined Cisco Systems and worked as Director, Health and Development in Emerging Markets. In this role he worked in Latin America and Russia, as well as in Kenya (advising on the Pasha Centre programme and the eHealth strategy), and in South Africa where he advised on establishing the National e-Skills programme. He has also provided advice to the WHO and the ITU on eHealth. In 2012 he left Cisco to resume consultancy on eHealth and development. He is currently working for UNICEF HQ as an eHealth Consultant, and is supporting the development of eHealth Strategies in Nepal and Lao PDR. He holds an honorary Professorship in Health Informatics at the University of Plymouth, and is a member of the American Medical Informatics Association.