A review of EHRs sets out taxonomy challenges and concerns

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Like the term eHealth, EHRs are not strictly and unambiguously defined. A study in the Journal of Medical Internet Research (JMIR) has researched the literature and set about the task. It also identified concerns and challenges. The findings are essential for Africa’s health systems as they move their EHRs on.

Its Personal Health Record (PHR) taxonomy comprises three main categories:

  1. Structures, the main data types and standards used
  • Data types in PHRs
  • Standards that PHRs can adhere to
  1. Functions that depicts the main goals and features of PHRs
  • Users profiles and types that interact
  • Interactions of patient types with PHRs
  • Data sources and techniques for information input
  • Goals that represents PHRs’ aims
  1. Architectures types and scope
  • Descriptions of the main architecture models
  • Coverage as physical locations and divisions for data

There’s a wide range of challenges and concerns that need addressing. There are four main categories:

  1. Collaboration and communication
  • Context-aware computing
  • Wearable computing and IoT
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) for health
  • Personalisation, usability, familiarity and comfort
  • Managing medications
  • Data generated by patients
  1. Privacy, security and trust
  • Confidentiality and integrity
  • Data repository ownership
  • Authorisation and access control technologies
  • Secure transport protocols
  1. Infrastructure
  • Portability between devices, equipment and hardware
  • Efficiency and scalability
  1. Integration
  • Patterns in collecting medical data
  • Terminology
  • Interoperability.

For Africa’s health systems, these range from long-standing eHealth challenges to new challenges coming with constant eHealth innovations. They’re demanding to deal with, and increase with complexity the longer they’re left.

Three common requirements to progress are affordability, benefits realisation and health systems human eHealth capacity and capabilities. They need adding to the list.