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  • Kenya's ambitious broadband strategy

    Kenya has launched an extensive plan to boost internet speeds and rollout digital services to remote areas. The roll out will cost the country Sh257 billion (3 billion USD) and hopes to ensure reliable internet services by 2017. The strategy, calls for 5% of the National Budget to be geared to ICTs annually, up from the current 0.5%.

    “The strategy provides a roadmap to transform Kenya into a knowledge-based society driven by reliable high-capacity nationwide broadband network,” reads the blue print in part.

    While the strategy doesn’t specifically mention eHealth or healthcare, ICT investment and infrastructure developments are essential foundation components of eHealth strategy, paving the way for future eHealth initiatives in Kenya. Kenya is one of the first African countries to have a detailed eHealth strategy.  The mission of the 2011-2017 eHealth strategy is to develop efficient, accessible, equitable, secure and consumer friendly healthcare services enabled by ICT. The strategy calls for implementation of telemedicine, health information systems, information for citizens, mHealth and eLearning. The new broadband strategy provides Kenya with the means to implement its eHealth strategy.