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  • Ultrasound technology to save lives in Uganda

    Maternal mortality rates remain high in most of SSA, and Uganda is no exception. Royal Philips, a Netherlands based health company, has recently showcased cost effective ultrasound technology that will be rolled out in Uganda to reduce maternal mortality in rural areas.

    The new ClearVue Ultrasound technology addresses two important women’s health issues: pregnancy and breast cancer.

    When scanning pregnant women, the machine will be able to transmit digital images taken during scanning and transmit these by mobile phone to a remote Internet server where they can be accessed by an accredited reviewer, either in the country or abroad. The report and findings are then sent as an SMS to the nurse or midwife in the field. A more detailed report is emailed as a follow-up.

    Philips has developed an innovative way of using ultrasound technology instead of traditional x-ray mammography to scan for breast cancer. It will enable Ugandan health workers to diagnose breast cancer in women living in rural areas who would not have access to mammograms.

    “People in rural areas often die due to preventable complications as they have no advance warning of critical conditions. Many of these deaths can be diagnosed with basic imaging technology,” said J J van Dongen, Senior Vice President and CEO of Philips Africa.

    This eHealth model, incorporating low-power ultrasound machines, has been successfully developed and tested in rural Uganda and implemented at eleven healthcare facilities. Philips is committed to continuing the project in Uganda and potentially scaling up to include other African countries in the future. eHealth News Africa looks forward to reporting on their progress.

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