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  • mHealth to save billions

    Juniper Research’s optimistic forecast predicts a cumulative global cost saving of an estimated $36 billion over the next five years for remote patient monitoring, as reported in Biztech Africa. This is in line with estimates reported earlier by eHealth News Africa in Booming Global mHealth Market.

    Juniper Research specializes in identifying and appraising high growth opportunities across the mobile telecoms, content, and applications sectors. Its report on mHealth market forecasts finds that remote patient monitoring “fits well with new healthcare practices and the goal of keeping patients out of hospital” while acknowledging that the technology is early in its development cycle.

    Biztech Africa suggests that combining smartphone, mHealth attachments and companion apps is creating an entirely new route for providing mHealth services.

    For developing countries where competition for health budgets is tough, the mHealth opportunity is substantial. To succeed, mHealth strategies need to be aligned with healthcare strategies and integrated into eHealth strategies and associated technology infrastructure investment. tinTree International eHealth outlines some of these issues in their paper Maximizing mHealth Opportunities for Africa.

  • Are declining PC sales an mHealth opportunity?

    Gartner has reported that globally, there were 76 million units of global personal computer (PC) shipped in the second quarter, almost 11 per cent down on a year ago, the fifth quarter decline in a row. Emerging markets show the greatest impact. PC shipments in Europe, Middle East and Africa in the second quarter of 2013 were down by almost 17 per cent.

    More people are using tablets instead of PCs. This may impact on some eHealth strategies and plans in Africa. It is likely to expand opportunities, particularly in the mHealth arena.

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  • mHealth goes Orange in Botswana

    Botswana’s Health Ministry has signed a three year Memorandum of Understanding with Orange Botswana to roll out mHealth services to more than 19 villages across the country.

    The focus of Orange is on the mobile communications market with a simple vision: a wire-free future, where people can communicate wherever, whenever, and however they wish.

    Orange carried out a successful pilot project in partnership with Botswana-UPenn in February 2009. It provided mobile health and telemedicine solutions for Botswana, the MoH has now taken over the project and is incorporating it into the country’s long-term health strategy. The initial pilot project focused exclusively on mobile oral telemedicine. The initiative was to include mobile tele-dermatology, tele-radiology, and mobile cervical cancer screening.

    mHealth technology will bring professional diagnostic services to remote locations in the country through the exchange of images from medical professionals in remote locations and health professional and doctors in city areas.

    Orange healthcare is developing new eHealth solutions to help traditional healthcare systems evolve and cope with pressures.

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