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  • Africa's first healthcare accelerator's in Kenya

    German companies Ampion and Merck, are launching Africa’s fist healthcare accelerator in Nairobi, Kenya. An article in Business and Tech says it’ll take in startups and entrepreneurs venturing into eHealth solutions that have the potential for a large scale impact on society. The accelerator’s launch is a follow-up model for nurturing start-ups of its Ampion Venture Bus initiative and its fellowship programme reported in eHNA.

    Ampion is suited to mentor eHealth startups. It’s been nurturing start-ups around the world since 2011. “We have been supporting start-ups and entrepreneurs for the last four years having mentored some in Kenya eight months ago,” Ampion Co-founder Ifeanyi Oteh said.

    Ampion will invest in the two or three most viable business with a total of between US$20,000 and US$50,000. This is a great opportunity for eHealth startups in the EAC to further develop their innovations. Other African countries can benefit too. 

  • More opportunities for African healthcare startups

    Innovations in Healthcare, a non-profit organisation hosted by Duke University, is inviting African start-ups to apply to join its innovator network. Applications are open until August 14. The network of healthcare delivery innovators is currently comprised of 55 individuals in 47 countries working to expand access to affordable, quality healthcare. It aims to improve healthcare worldwide by supporting the scale and impact of promising innovations.

    Disrupt Africa, Africa’s startup portal, says that each year, the organisation identifies and recruits more entrepreneurs with promising models of healthcare. It helps to connect these innovators with the necessary opportunities, information and contacts to scale up their work.

    Applications must address critical health needs and provide significant improvements in cost, quality or access to health services. Projects must be ready to scale and have financially sustainable business models, or at least a serious commitment to becoming sustainable. This is a great opportunity for African eHealth startups looking to grow and develop their concepts further and to have a real impact in healthcare in Africa.