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  • eHealth is about better outcomes at ICT4H Cape Town

    Like two unruly children, eHealth, and its cousin mHealth, cannot stand still. It could be because they seem to exhibit Peter Pan characteristics, and never have much time to grow up before some unimagined innovation shifts the ground. Much of this is due to changing technology, such as the trend from mainframes, to PCs, to the Internet, smart phones, social media and the cloud. It also reflects a shift from an administrative emphasis to clinical and patient information over the last few years.  Thankfully this year’s ICT4Health Conference has a similar focus with health outcomes in its sights.

    There are four tracks:

    Chronic Diseases of Lifestyle Infectious Diseases Strengthening the Health System Maturing the ICT environment.

    There is a prize of ZAR10,000 too. The ICT4Health Innovation Platform is for innovators, researcher and students to launch their innovation. Successful applicants can showcase their technology at the conference, and one of them will be the lucky winner.

    The event is on 11 and 12 September 2013 at the Medical Research Centre in Cape Town.

  • First home care conference for Nigeria

    Better awareness of home care and bringing stakeholders together were the conference aims. Blue Torch Home Care, a Nigerian healthcare agency set up the conference in Enugu State.

    Dr Oluka represented Dr Fidelia Ugwu Hon. Commissioner for Health Enugu State. His perspective is that home care is a tradition, and the need is changing as the social lives of Africans moves from rural to urban and a less extended family. It must also cope with ever-growing non-communicable diseases and chronic illness that do not need everlasting hospitalization.

    The call from the conference is for stakeholders to take home care to the next level by consulting the agencies in the country to work together towards stable operational guidelines like in European, American and some African countries. This is a challenge to track over the coming months and years.

    The International Society for Telemedicine and eHealth (ISfTeH) published the proceedings.