Tom Jones

eHealth strategist, planner and evaluator

Tom's currently developing a Digital Health Impact Framework (DHIF) for the Asian Development Bank (ADB). It's derived from the eHealth Impact (eHI) methodology and models used in over 60 evaluations in Acfee's eHealth Evaluation Database. He's a qualified accountant with two professional bodies, a Fellow of the Royal Society on Medicine, a Member of the Institute of Directors and a Fellow of the Royal Society for the Arts, He holds a BA in psychology, and a diploma in management. He was formerly a Director of Finance and Information in a healthcare organisation within the NHS in the UK, and has set up a number of consultancies for healthcare finance, information and management.

Over the last decade, Tom has worked extensively on the financial and economic impact of eHealth and mHealth. He has completed 60 socio-economic eHealth evaluations in 20 countries in Europe, Africa and South America. A recent evaluation addresses the socio-economic impact of Semantic Interoperability (SIOp) across Europe for the EC project Semantic Health Net.

Tom is a lead developer of an mHealth economic and financial evaluation guide, a collaboration between the African Centre for eHealth Excellence and John's Hopkins School of Public Health. It applies recognised socio-economic assessment and evaluation standards to mHealth.

He specialises in projects that need expertise in healthcare and eHealth business models and financing and economic evaluation, especially in innovative settings. He created the original eHealth Impact (eHI) model, and was part of the team that developed and applied the eHI and its' subsequent upgrades used in EC Information Society and Media projects. The EC Information and Media Society projects on eHealth IMPACT, Financing eHealth, EHR Impact studies, Procuring eHealth and Semantic Health commissioned by DG INFSO, are some of Tom's significant projects. He also uses economic and financial models to select options for change in the delivery of healthcare.

From 2008 to 2010, Tom wasn an eHealth consultant for the Commonwealth Secretariat and has supported the Health Ministries of 21 low and medium income African and South Asian countries to develop their eHealth policies and strategies. He supported the initial stages of Kenya's capacity building for its eHealth Strategy launched in August 2011, with regulation and legal issues as one of the core themes. He was part of the team for ESA's" eHSA Study of eHealth Regulatory Aspects."

He has written extensively on eHealth. He is co-author of "Defining a staged-based process for economic and financial evaluations of mHealth programs", author of "Developing an E-Health Strategy" co-author of "E-Health in the Commonwealth" lead author of "eHealth for Developing Countries: Affordable Strategies", RD-12, all published by the Commonwealth Secretariat. He has writen several papers for tinTree International eHealth Leadership and Development Network including author of "Costs, Benefits and Economics of eHealth" published by TinTree in 2011. It's the source material for his chapter in "eHealth Visions", a tribute to the late Professor Jean-Claude Healy, former Head of the Telematics Applications for Health Unit of the European Commission's Directorate General for the Information Society and Media, then WHO's Director eHealth strategy, a prominent figure in European Medical Informatics. Much of this material is the source of the content of his online course in eHealth finance and economics for Rome Business School. .

eHealth News Africa is the daily online news digest of the African Centre for eHealth Excellence. Tom was part of the team that set it up in 2013, and is a regular contributor and editor.